• Painting of gorge, watercolourist Trevor Waugh

    A Gorge

  • Painting of St Ives, watercolor by artist Trevor Waugh

    st Ives

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Video Tutorials by Trevor Waugh

Trevor’s painting videos range from slideshows to informative painting tutorials covering a range of subjects including landscapes, flowers, street scenes, figures and animals. Instruction captions and annotations accompany most Tutorials. All material is Original and  contains no third-party inclusions. Music Soundtracks written & Performed by Trevor © Copyright to Trevor Waugh / Ravenschild Ltd.

As well as the videos here he runs a number of painting courses from his West Country studio.

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This video is designed to help the watercolorist in their pursuit to put figures in paintings.

A short practice piece where Trevor talks you through various methods and applications.

Summer Series

Watercolour catalogue of Summer scenes dating back to the 1990’s . Trevor Waugh’s early work in watercolour.

Soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.

How to Paint Cows

Following on from How to Paint Cockerels & Hens, this one takes you through 4 video snaps of Cows at different angles. With a little practice this technique is a great way to add cattle into your country landscape! OK ! Lets get Painting !

Soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.

How to Paint Cockerels & Hens in Watercolour

A short video instruction on how to paint Cockerels & Hens in watercolour ( With Captions in English ) Basic shapes and modifications on simple painting techniques for beginners and advanced alike !

Soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.

Trevor Waugh Oriental Watercolours 2015

A small catalogue of Watercolours of local scenes including Figures and Markets from Morocco and Egypt. Past Travels got me looking at looser impressions and trying to capture atmosphere, evoking memories rather than events

Soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.

Painting figures in Watercolour ( Part 1)

A short video showing figures painted in watercolour. A practice sheet of single,pairs and groups of people using only a brush. A necessary practice for all watercolourists if they want to include figures in their paintings

Soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.

London Impressions

Slideshow  of  Impressionistic Oil & Watercolour paintings of London by Trevor. To view more street scenes please visit the gallery page by clicking here

Soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.

Pink Roses in Watercolour

Pink Roses painted in watercolours. Double time video. Trevor paints freely with the watercolours & fashions 2 large pink Roses with a loose background.

Soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.

How to Paint White Roses

Demonstration in Watercolour : Painting White Roses. A soothing & relaxing video showing Trevor painting “Swan Lake” roses. Loose handling of the medium with no guidelines!

Soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.

How to Paint a Venetian Sketch

An entertaining & informative short film showing the action of painting a Venetian watercolour using just brushwork and colour.

Soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.


A chance to see some of Trevor’s Oil portrait sketches in a short collection accompanied by a soundtrack written and recorded by the Artist.