3 Useful Tips on how to paint snow in watercolours

Snow and Winter Scenes in Watercolours

Snow is a wonderful painting subject where the artist needs to fully utilize the white of the paper in order to depict shadows, light and reflected light within a scene that is tonally unlike any other.

When I give my watercolour painting workshops there are a whole host of tips and techniques we discuss and explore. Here are 3 very simple tips that may help others when painting snow and wintry scenes.

3 Tips for Painting Snow

  • 1. Look at where you want the white of the paper first and then maintain those highlights throughout the work
  • 2. Use a limited palette of colours say : Blues and browns, Ultramarine and burnt Umber, Raw sienna, Vermillion and Cobalt blue, or Permanent Rose and Cerulean blue and cross mix them to get variety.
  • 3. It’s all about tonality, so work towards the darks and don’t be scared to use them! This will bring impact and throw your lighter areas into relief.
Snow at Crickley Hill, Watercolour by Trevor Waugh

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Painting Courses and Help

On the third of December 2019 I will be running an SAA Workshop Day where we will be learning some very useful techniques for painting winter scenes in watercolour. To find out more click the button below.

Workshop day poster Watercolour painting snow, winter and Christmas

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