Game of Thrones Original Oils

Tywin Lannister oil on board

Game of Thrones Paintings:

The idea of the Game of Thrones series of paintings came as a reluctant viewer of the Television box set. Given to me as a Christmas present, that I’d promised to watch.

After several discs had been on I started to get into it, or rather, the characters got into my head ! Then, it became addictive viewing.

I vowed to myself by the end that I would attempt to create impressions of the cast in paint. this was done firmly on the basis of…They’re in my head…now I’ll get into theirs ! …and… so it began.

Aemon Targaryen Oil on Board
Aemon Targaryen

New Collection of Watercolours


Trevor’s New Watercolour Collection

The “New Collection” is a series of  recent watercolours celebrating views of desert peoples and their landscapes from Arabia, Egypt and Morocco.

The works comprise of a basic 12 set of watercolours, and are expanding all the time. This is a travelling show and will move around the globe from West to East.

The paintings will be available to view on this site and in hard copy form in 2016.

A pair of watercolours have already been selected for the SGFA Bankside gallery show, London.

Trevor is also selecting a number of his works for publication in a new studio Book. More information is available by contacting the Trevor Waugh Studio direct, Telephone number is on the contact page.

Oriental painting, Carpet Carriers
Carpet Carriers

Jazz Musicians Paintings

Jazz and music painting Mr Music, watercolour on paper

Trevor has recently finished a series of painting featuring some legendary entertainers Jazz musicians and singers. This has been an ongoing project for a number of years now and a travelling show, being added too over this time. More like a living collection, the paintings are being shown at festivals and events and some of the images included have now been published as prints. ” In the field of music the people I’ve chosen to paint are indeed my heroes, it’s a very personal decision who I include in this hall of fame and not every one of them are represented yet, but I’m working on it. “

Trevor’s palette is mostly bright and bravura for these paintings but also working in more monochromatic colours on some individual pieces. The ” Ella ” series were the first works completed, smaller canvases with colourful slabs of paint in mosaic-like  formations to construct the whole image. This method gives the images a jazz-like feel but also representations of individuals are faithfully kept. ” This collection of paintings represent not only memories for me when I was growing up in London but also a travelogue of painting styles and methods that I can use to express how I feel for the subject”.

Jazz and music painting Mr Music, watercolour on paper

The Emirates Through the Eyes of an Artist

Book becomes best seller

Trevor Waugh’s popular book ‘The Emirates Through the Eyes of an Artist’, has become a best selling title in Dubai and the Emirates.

There are a limited number of signed copies available from this site only.  At present the original book can still be obtained from selected booksellers and of course Amazon.

1st Edition copies with an original artwork by Trevor in the front, can only be obtained here. Price £50 +pp. This beautiful book celebrates Trevor’s work and time in The Arabian Emirates and uses his sketchbook paintings extensively.

Originally sponsored by HSBC to celebrate their 60th anniversary of trading in the Middle East. There was an exhibition at The Majlis Gallery, Dubai to accompany the publication, where Trevor’s work can be seen.

The gallery also hosts The New Orientalist’s work which Trevor is a founding member.

This beautiful book is in the Heritage series by Motivate Publishing and is bound in dark brown linen as a hardback edition with gold inscription and high quality dust jacket.

The artwork plates contain hand written notes by the author as they appear in his sketchbooks. Published faithfully in accordance with Trevor’s wishes, this book is a celebration of his journeys, thoughts and feelings for the people and landscapes of this amazing region.

Emirates through the eyes of an artist book