Out Now – Kew Book of Painting Roses

kew rose book Trevor Waugh
kew rose book by Trevor Waugh

Painting Roses

Due to the present crisis I am not able to do public book signings…so I’m having my own here in the studio!

And with time on my hands I thought I would put an original in each copy sold online.

Order Yours Now!

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Meanwhile … May you all stay safe and carry on painting.


Online Art Courses 2020

Online art courses - painting 2020
Online art courses - painting 2020

Good afternoon,Trevor has been considering offering online tuition for some time and due to the current circumstances it has just given us the incentive and, indeed time that we need to readdress our calendar so we can now offer this way of learning to you!

We have been used to tavelling all over the world to teach and share valuable painting information.But time to put technology to the test!

We have however already had great success with this albeit on a smaller scale.Trevor can now give you his expertise online.We have lots of options available for you to choose from see below : 


  • A quick call to make sure we are connected
  • A 45 minute video call for an initial consultation and critique of any work you would like Trevor to look at with a view to addressing the afternoon tutorial and for Trevor to evaluate your “next step”
  • A 1.5 – 2 hour tutorial and demonstration in your selected medium. You will be able to ask as many questions as you need during this process.

Expect to learn and have those questions answered and remember…YOU will be THE ONLY ONE in the CLASS !


  • A quick call to make sure we are connected
  • Hour consultation discussing your painting needs: You can have work available for Trevor to look at and critique or you can use this session for questions and answers. This is a One to One only for you !
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  • Line 4
  • Line 5
  • Line 6


The prices below are INTRODUCTORY and are at HALF PRICE only available until 31st July 2020.

Option 1 – £125

Option 2 – £50

These sessions are available via SKYPE, MESSENGER video call or FACETIME
If you would like to book a session please email Darlas at : trevorwaugh1@gmail.com

Re cap on 2019: Studio in Dubai


” Learn Flower Painting, Quickly” is my latest publication with Batsford Press / Pavilion. I’m really pleased with it and it promises to be a steady selling title. It’s already had great reviews in ” The Artist ” and other magazines. Check it out on Amazon.com, or get a signed personalised copy from me, here on the contact page or CLICK ON BOOK

I started out the year by taking a studio in Dubai, my old haunt, at Tashkeel. This was for the month of February and a time to do some Middle Eastern work and catch up and hang out with friends. I painted up a storm whilst I was there and had to leave most of the work behind, only bringing home a handful of watercolours ! The other stuff was just TO BIG for the suitcase. I had a wonderful, surprise birthday celebration, laid on for me by my dear friends Mike and Lauren Arnold, also my hosts for this occasion, allowing me the use of their ” Swanky ” downtown apartment in the heart of the city. I would like to officially thank them here, and of course all my fabulous friends in Dubai. As well as seeing old friends I also met new ones ! and I will never forget my time in the Tashkeel courtyard drinking coffee and chatting with everyone. I especially thank Victor Sitali for looking after my every need ,and driving me all over town in his 4 wheel SUV. Thanks also to Alison Collins of the Majlis Gallery for her constant support and sales of my work…. so , it’s been difficult to follow this since I returned home…. But… of course …. my latest book for Kew Gardens was calling me. more on this later. TW

It was already time to leave my space in Dubai, I left some paintings there with friends and colleagues and headed back UK, to continue with writing and painting for Kew Gardens. This year has seen several en plain air sessions in the wonderful rose gardens there. I cannot think of a more inspirational setting than Kew, if you want to paint flowers

Link to Book Preview : https://amzn.to/2KIfyqg

https://amzn.to/2O9j5Aj Publishing date : 1 April 2020.

I have now finished writing this and am happy with all the content ! My thanks to Kew Gardens for their wonderful support and of course to Search Press for tracking me down in the first place. This is my earlier letter !

Kew Preview

My New Course dates for 2020 have already been put up here : Go To : Painting Courses

I’m also running a few Watercolour 1 day Workshops for SAA if you are in this region ! https://www.saa.co.uk

Watercolour painting tutorial, Christmas Snow with figures


How to paint snow in watercolour using only 2 colours

Today I will show you how to paint snow scenes in Watercolour using only 2 colours, 2 brushes and 2 photographs.

A Christmas snow scene ideal for hand painted cards or presents.

During the tutorial I will show you how to construct the scene and then take you through the painting techniques required for putting in figures.

You can see many of my painting videos on my website and to see them all visit my YouTube channel

3 Useful Tips on how to paint snow in watercolours


Snow and Winter Scenes in Watercolours

Snow is a wonderful painting subject where the artist needs to fully utilize the white of the paper in order to depict shadows, light and reflected light within a scene that is tonally unlike any other.

When I give my watercolour painting workshops there are a whole host of tips and techniques we discuss and explore. Here are 3 very simple tips that may help others when painting snow and wintry scenes.

3 Tips for Painting Snow

  • 1. Look at where you want the white of the paper first and then maintain those highlights throughout the work
  • 2. Use a limited palette of colours say : Blues and browns, Ultramarine and burnt Umber, Raw sienna, Vermillion and Cobalt blue, or Permanent Rose and Cerulean blue and cross mix them to get variety.
  • 3. It’s all about tonality, so work towards the darks and don’t be scared to use them! This will bring impact and throw your lighter areas into relief.
Snow at Crickley Hill, Watercolour by Trevor Waugh

Christmas to Spring Watercolour Flowers

Painting Courses and Help

On the third of December 2019 I will be running an SAA Workshop Day where we will be learning some very useful techniques for painting winter scenes in watercolour. To find out more click the button below.

Workshop day poster Watercolour painting snow, winter and Christmas

If you would like to find out more about my courses and individual tutoring you can contact me through this website

Painting Courses and Workshops in Wiltshire 2020

Via Garibaldi Venice Watercolour on paper

Workshops and Courses, Wiltshire 2020

All Courses will be conducted in our studio (and home) at The Old Church and studio in Wiltshire.

Each course fee includes lunch. Tea and coffee are provided. Please advise any dietary (vegetarian, gluten free etc.).

Workshops start at 10.30am. We will be setting up in order to give you the best painting workshop experience so please arrive around10.15 and we will have coffee ready!

Course Titles include: Fill Your Watercolours full of light and Colour,  Landscapes in Watercolour, Colourful Lights and Colourful Darks, Full of Eastern Promise and Winning with Watercolour .

We also offer a Foundation Painting Course


A One Year course in all basic principles of Painting and mediums.

Trevor has been running this course for over 15 years now. It is designed for the student/Artist to take the next step towards professionalism and taking that next step is an exciting move!

Foundation Painting provides the opportunity to take a look at the nuts and bolts of composition,techniques and applications traditionally used in the occupation of painting.

Each project builds on the last and follows a tradition of learning by practice.

Trevor will guide the student through the course with demonstrations,projects and lectures on all aspects of practical painting and it’s history through art.

Mousehole oil on canvas, Trevor Waugh
Via Garibaldi Venice Watercolour on paper
Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love

New Collection of Watercolours


Trevor’s New Watercolour Collection

The “New Collection” is a series of  recent watercolours celebrating views of desert peoples and their landscapes from Arabia, Egypt and Morocco.

The works comprise of a basic 12 set of watercolours, and are expanding all the time. This is a travelling show and will move around the globe from West to East.

The paintings will be available to view on this site and in hard copy form in 2016.

A pair of watercolours have already been selected for the SGFA Bankside gallery show, London.

Trevor is also selecting a number of his works for publication in a new studio Book. More information is available by contacting the Trevor Waugh Studio direct, Telephone number is on the contact page.

Oriental painting, Carpet Carriers
Carpet Carriers

The Emirates Through the Eyes of an Artist

Book becomes best seller

Trevor Waugh’s popular book ‘The Emirates Through the Eyes of an Artist’, has become a best selling title in Dubai and the Emirates.

There are a limited number of signed copies available from this site only.  At present the original book can still be obtained from selected booksellers and of course Amazon.

1st Edition copies with an original artwork by Trevor in the front, can only be obtained here. Price £50 +pp. This beautiful book celebrates Trevor’s work and time in The Arabian Emirates and uses his sketchbook paintings extensively.

Originally sponsored by HSBC to celebrate their 60th anniversary of trading in the Middle East. There was an exhibition at The Majlis Gallery, Dubai to accompany the publication, where Trevor’s work can be seen.

The gallery also hosts The New Orientalist’s work which Trevor is a founding member.

This beautiful book is in the Heritage series by Motivate Publishing and is bound in dark brown linen as a hardback edition with gold inscription and high quality dust jacket.

The artwork plates contain hand written notes by the author as they appear in his sketchbooks. Published faithfully in accordance with Trevor’s wishes, this book is a celebration of his journeys, thoughts and feelings for the people and landscapes of this amazing region.

Emirates through the eyes of an artist book