Christmas Snow Scenes Tutorial

Snow Scene tutorial via Zoom

Zoom demonstration on Monday 7th December.

The waiting room will be open for you to join from 6.30pm.
Trevor will start the demonstration at 7pm prompt so please be ready as it is difficult to admit you once he has started.

Please send me an email request if you would like to join – if you have paid your fee but not requested your place I may miss you.

You can reach me directly on 07921 908548 or preferably on this email address if you have any questions.

The zoom link will only be sent out the day before for security purposes.

As some of you know the last recording of the zoom failed (zoom issue not me) so please don’t rely on it. Ive looked into the issue but can’t find a reason. Please accept my apologies again.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

If you want to see some of Trevor’s useful snow painting tips? You can see a post that was written last year.

snow scenes

3 Useful Tips on how to paint snow in watercolours


Snow and Winter Scenes in Watercolours

Snow is a wonderful painting subject where the artist needs to fully utilize the white of the paper in order to depict shadows, light and reflected light within a scene that is tonally unlike any other.

When I give my watercolour painting workshops there are a whole host of tips and techniques we discuss and explore. Here are 3 very simple tips that may help others when painting snow and wintry scenes.

3 Tips for Painting Snow

  • 1. Look at where you want the white of the paper first and then maintain those highlights throughout the work
  • 2. Use a limited palette of colours say : Blues and browns, Ultramarine and burnt Umber, Raw sienna, Vermillion and Cobalt blue, or Permanent Rose and Cerulean blue and cross mix them to get variety.
  • 3. It’s all about tonality, so work towards the darks and don’t be scared to use them! This will bring impact and throw your lighter areas into relief.

If you would like to take a look at a tutorial about how to paint a snow scene with figures, you can view it here ….

Snow at Crickley Hill, Watercolour by Trevor Waugh

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