Jazz Musicians Paintings

Trevor has recently finished a series of painting featuring some legendary entertainers Jazz musicians and singers. This has been an ongoing project for a number of years now and a travelling show, being added too over this time. More like a living collection, the paintings are being shown at festivals and events and some of the images included have now been published as prints. ” In the field of music the people I’ve chosen to paint are indeed my heroes, it’s a very personal decision who I include in this hall of fame and not every one of them are represented yet, but I’m working on it. “

Trevor’s palette is mostly bright and bravura for these paintings but also working in more monochromatic colours on some individual pieces. The ” Ella ” series were the first works completed, smaller canvases with colourful slabs of paint in mosaic-like  formations to construct the whole image. This method gives the images a jazz-like feel but also representations of individuals are faithfully kept. ” This collection of paintings represent not only memories for me when I was growing up in London but also a travelogue of painting styles and methods that I can use to express how I feel for the subject”.

Jazz and music painting Mr Music, watercolour on paper