Donkey Rider, Morocco / Oil on Canvas


16″ x 12″ canvas size only

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A 16″ x 12″ canvas by Trevor showing a Moroccan man riding a donkey and emerging through an old, crumbling archway, as is common in most old medinas. Winter colours of browns and yellows harmonise with the terra cotta and grey shadows and brickwork.This is an Alla Prima piece done in his Wiltshire studio following a visit to Marrakech and exhibition in 2017. A delightful painting full of contrast and reflections of an old Morocco and times gone past. ” There is always new inspiration to be gathered on a visit to Morocco, the way of the light, the colours etc. I was inspired to paint from the moment my feet hit the ground. I was seeing something different on this visit and it was the old Morocco filtering through to me, so I tried to capture this essence.”  The bold brushwork and subtle changes of neutral tints and greys make this work of art, although small, a pivotal piece in the New Moroccan collection. It would seem to be an iconic representation of ordinary life in any town or city in this country. The work has not been on display yet and remains exclusive to this website and Trevor’s studio.