Flower Field / Oil on Board


Flower Field / Oil on Board 20″x 12″  framed

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Flower Field
Flower Field

This Alla Prima oil, painted in an impressionistic manner, certainly shows Trevor’s ability to capture the fleeting moment as the shafts of light play on the flowers. ” There is nothing more beautiful than the sun striking a host of flowers in a field, it always shocks my senses, and then I want to paint it”. The beautiful pinks and blues are delicately woven together, softly in the background and more active in the foreground which seems to enrich the sense of movement in the work. A highly decorative piece with the focal point being placed on the two Red/Pink flowers right of centre. There is a complexity to this painting in both forms and colourations. A subtle interweaving of the colours and tones are gentle in the eye and the horizontal movement is more peaceful.