Jimi Hendrix / Oil on Card


Jimi Hendrix 3

Oil on Card  20″x 16″  Unframed

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Jimi Hendrix 3 detail       Jimi Hendrix detail 2

Jimi Hendrix   Oil on Card 20″x 16″

Portrait of the legendary guitarist and composer from the 60’s psychedelic era. This colourful portrait is accomplished in bold or ” Bravura” brushstrokes layered in “Mosaic” slabs to create a textured and dramatic effect in the eye. The swirling colours amplify the historic period known as ” psychedelia ” a major influence to all the future arts especially music and painting. Trevor had often seen the posters advertising the psychedelic phenomenon and they were, in themselves, ground breaking works of art. ” I was growing up in this period in London and this work is by way of commemoration to that time.”