Kew Roses / Oil on canvas/ SOLD


Oil on canvas approx 48″ x 36″ with light cream and gold leaf frame. SOLD

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Kew Roses
Kew Roses

A large canvas from Trevor, showing a group of full-bloomed pink roses in sunlight. Painted after a productive visit to Kew gardens for watercolour studies to accompany his latest book, “The Kew Gardens book of Watercolour Roses” due to be published 2020. ” I am delighted to be asked by Search Press to compile a volume on painting roses in watercolour. This commission represents a great honour, as well as a challenge, so the only thing is to go to the gardens and get busy with sketchbook and watercolours in hand…. well… what a delight and inspiration that has been ! I’ve never seen such an abundance of roses in one place like that before, I’m absolutely buzzing with ideas ! ”

This canvas represents just one of many in this collection inspired by visits to Kew. Trevor plans to cover an extensive catalogue of both oils and watercolours whilst writing the book, and hopefully a full exhibition of work after publication. This particular work will command a centrepiece to that show and is one of the first larger works completed. The brightness of the colourations and large scale of the painting make this a highly collectable work of art and extremely eye- catching.