Local Market, Egypt / Watercolour


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Local Market, watercolour by Trevor Waugh


Local Market Egypt, watercolour by Trevor Waugh. This watercolour was accomplished after a visit to Luxor, Egypt whilst visiting and painting The Temple at Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.Trevor toured Egypt extensively from Cairo to Abu Simbel, painting along the way. “Egypt and it’s temples are amazing, so inspiring. The whole place is just monumental, with gigantic structures so old that some of them cannot be dated within our known historical record. I was so overwhelmed by the proportions and scale of the Pyramids and temples, it was a task to know where to start painting first.” Blues and greys give way to earthy yellows and browns in the foreground as the central figure, carrying goods on her head ,has been captured in rhythmic movement, as she walks through the market. There is a sense that the stalls will be closing soon, as a lone bicycle stands propped against a foreground structure, waiting to be picked up. Trevor says ” It’s all about the brushwork, and capturing that fleeting moment as it passes by. I like to paint scenes like this, ordinary people going about their daily lives. I also painted some temple scenes because they are so magnificent, but my favourite pastime is sitting in a local area and “Manwatching.”