Moroccan Palms / Watercolour


Moroccan Palms / Watercolour matted but unframed overall size 27″ x 21″


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Moroccan Palms
Moroccan Palms

Moroccan Palms

A watercolour from the Exhibition ” Morocco, Land of the Casbahs” sponsored by the Moroccan Embassy and hosted at The Trevor Waugh Studio. This watercolour is a definitive piece from the Exhibition featuring palm trees layered in colourful washes showing height and movement. Loosely based on studies from the Marjorelle gardens in Marrakech and other observations whilst visiting . ” I’ve tried to convey the peacefulness of the afternoon light, using colours from my observations and sketches from my journal, whilst visiting this great land. I was mesmerised by the richness and complexity of everything I saw in the landscape, as well as the contrasting ways of life.”