Old Roses / Oil on canvas panel


Oil painted on canvas panel 12″ x 10″ Unframed

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Old Roses

Oil painted on canvas panel 12″ x 10″ Old English, deep pink roses painted Alla Prima style. A small tableaux with a colourful impact painted in 2018 at Trevor’s Wiltshire studio. There are a variety of reds purples and greens interweaving their way across this painting in fractured form to create a unified whole. The darker backdrop of Warm Burnt Umber  and Crimson throws the flowers forward into a sculptural relief. The sunlight that hits the petals and foliage has been meticulously observed. Part of a new Flower collection due to be exhibited in 2020. ” The subject was gently swaying in front of me, so I tried to capture that in the finish with softer brushwork, dragging the brush along with the flower movements”.