The Carpet Seller / Watercolour 15″ x 11″


The Carpet Seller:  Watercolour / Unframed 15″ x 11″ / p.p Free in UK only


The Carpet Seller
The Carpet Seller

The Carpet Seller : A colourful watercolour exploring high key tones and mixtures of pastel colours intermingling across purple and yellow washes. This painting features a street trader in the middle of a transaction, holding up a cloth or thin rug for sale. The rest of his goods laid on the street before him. One onlooker is wearing a Fez, which is a give away to the location. ” I found this kind of street trading fascinating in Morocco, sort of a “free for all” system, although I’m sure that there is an etiquette to it somewhere. These type of scenes remind me of older times, but they still continue today all over Morocco.”