The Old Carpet Souk / Morocco / Watercolour



Watercolour on paper / 22″ x 15″ approx / unframed

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The-Old-Carpet-Souk-Morocco, Trevor Waugh painting
The Old Carpet Souk Morocco

This luminous watercolour uses the colours that are inherent in the Moroccan landscape to show a sunlit scene of old Morocco. Shadows and light have been depicted in large washes of yellow and it’s complimentary Purple, to portray a timelessness. ” I use complimentary colours a lot, they are so lively together. ” The focal point is a man on a donkey ( included in detail ) whose silhouette is in contre – jour, casting a large purple shadow on the ground. Swatches of yellows, blues and pinks combine to show hanging rugs and carpets in perspective.