The Wild Bunch / Oil on Board 20″ x 16″


Oil on board ( Framed ) 20″ x 16″ ( Shipping costs are extra)

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Painted Oil on board in 2018
The Wild Bunch


Painted Oil on board in 2018, this is one in a series of Oil Alla Prima works, done in Trevor’s studio, showing a mixed selection of roses from the garden. A riot of colours surrounding a focal point of a blousy yellow rose. ” I wanted to show the abundance these flowers create when crowded together, so I worked rapidly in accordance with the energy I felt looking at them, I just had to capture that moment”.  Framed in an off-white painted moulding with brushed gold trim, this highly decorative rendering would grace any home or collection; with rapid handling of paint in a “Bravura”, impressionistic style. There are larger areas of impasto coloured whites and pinks forming a looser handling of the media than usual. / Hand painted wooden frame with brushed gold trim.