Traders Entrance Morocco / Watercolour


Traders Entrance Morocco / Unframed  . (Free p.p inside UK only.)

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Traders Entrance Morocco
Traders Entrance Morocco

Traders Entrance Morocco is a generic piece, location anywhere in old Morocco, and loosely based on many such entrances and medina’s. A superbly crafted watercolour showing figures coming and going through a small gateway outside the medina walls of an old city. This scene evokes days gone by in old Morocco, donkeys laden with goods for purchase inside the ancient walls. ” Morocco is populated with more than it’s fair share of traders, and Marrakech in particular, is the home of hand-made goods from all over Africa. I managed to pick up some old postcards whilst visiting the souks and found their sepia tints really inspiring, they showed scenes of old Morocco, so I based this painting largely on those sepia tones.”