Venetian Market Cannaregio / Watercolour 22″ x 15″


Venetian Market Cannaregio / Watercolour on cotton rag paper 22″ x 15″ Unframed ( Free p.p inside UK only )

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Venetian Market Cannaregio
Venetian Market Cannaregio

Venetian Market Cannaregio is a watercolour painted on cotton rag paper, full half sheet measuring 22″ x 15″ image size. It depicts the very famous and historic market stretching the main thoroughfare in the Cannaregio district of northern Venice. ” Fist thing in the morning Canneregio is not so crowded if you want to set up and paint there, however it is advisable to work rapidly and take some photographs or do ten minute sketches, like me, to capture the light for later use in a studio version.” Trevor has captured that early morning light beautifully in this, his studio version watercolour.