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Jazz Paintings by Trevor Waugh

Several Years ago Trevor started to paint some of his favourite musicians and singers, translating their various musical styles into paint. This programme developed rapidly into a collection and then an Exhibition at the Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham, following on came a showing at Cheltenham Jazz Festival in the Town Hall. ” Improvisations in Paint ” the provocative by-line for the collection, is still an ongoing show and Trevor continues to add works every year to his collection.

“This Collection has been a long time in the making, at least 10 years from when I had the original idea. Some of the pieces have been through an evolution of their own, containing brushwork from that original idea up to present; I’ve only touched the surface of that idea. The idea or concept is addictive too ! When I work on one painting it usually sparks off ideas for another. The ” Voices from the Past ” was never meant to be a pictorial history of Jazz or anything, if it were, then there would be considerable gaps in it’s chronology, nor was it ever intended to represent a rogues gallery of likenesses in portraiture, rather it was a calling in me to represent a connection with my own past and I prefer to believe that the paintings themselves chose to be painted.”

Trevor undertakes many painting commissions, if you are interested in a commission by him please visit the contact page.

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