Re cap on 2019: Studio in Dubai

” Learn Flower Painting, Quickly” is my latest publication with Batsford Press / Pavilion. I’m really pleased with it and it promises to be a steady selling title. It’s already had great reviews in ” The Artist ” and other magazines. Check it out on, or get a signed personalised copy from me, here on the contact page or CLICK ON BOOK

I started out the year by taking a studio in Dubai, my old haunt, at Tashkeel. This was for the month of February and a time to do some Middle Eastern work and catch up and hang out with friends. I painted up a storm whilst I was there and had to leave most of the work behind, only bringing home a handful of watercolours ! The other stuff was just TO BIG for the suitcase. I had a wonderful, surprise birthday celebration, laid on for me by my dear friends Mike and Lauren Arnold, also my hosts for this occasion, allowing me the use of their ” Swanky ” downtown apartment in the heart of the city. I would like to officially thank them here, and of course all my fabulous friends in Dubai. As well as seeing old friends I also met new ones ! and I will never forget my time in the Tashkeel courtyard drinking coffee and chatting with everyone. I especially thank Victor Sitali for looking after my every need ,and driving me all over town in his 4 wheel SUV. Thanks also to Alison Collins of the Majlis Gallery for her constant support and sales of my work…. so , it’s been difficult to follow this since I returned home…. But… of course …. my latest book for Kew Gardens was calling me. more on this later. TW

It was already time to leave my space in Dubai, I left some paintings there with friends and colleagues and headed back UK, to continue with writing and painting for Kew Gardens. This year has seen several en plain air sessions in the wonderful rose gardens there. I cannot think of a more inspirational setting than Kew, if you want to paint flowers

Link to Book Preview : Publishing date : 1 April 2020.

I have now finished writing this and am happy with all the content ! My thanks to Kew Gardens for their wonderful support and of course to Search Press for tracking me down in the first place. This is my earlier letter !

Kew Preview

My New Course dates for 2020 have already been put up here : Go To : Painting Courses

I’m also running a few Watercolour 1 day Workshops for SAA if you are in this region !